The power of combinations.

Up to 32 different configurations can be obtained by combining the 8 modules of the QubeCL system, a configuration for any need. And many more will add when new modules will be released.

Choose your module

Laser Socket Module

You can embed your butterfly-packaged or HHL-packaged laser into your driver. All the signals will be internally sent to the laser. No cables around, a full control in a 10 cm2 footprint.

Laser Head

Set the laser polarity and grounding. Send 2 independent external signals to the laser (DC to 3 MHz).

Phase-Locked Loop

Seamlessly phase-lock you laser to an external reference. It's easy, try and see!

Current Module

Choose between 500 mA and 1 A modules, and combine them for larger current output.

Temperature Controller

Temperature stability is not an option. QubeCL ensures <1 mK operation in any condition.

Main Unit

The brain of QubeCL, with USB interface and Wi-Fi or LAN options. It accepts two unipolar DC supply voltages, one for the current section and the other for the temperature section.


It is not only a base: it is the cooling unit of the QubeCL. For larger currents you will need it!

Example configurations


Do you need the best current driver on the market? Choose the current driver module, and get the simplest QubeCL, together with two independent modulation inputs that allow to control the current from DC to more than 3 MHz.


Two or more current modules can be combined for higher current output.

The PLL module provides full phase-lock capabilities.


Many modules, many functions.

The Temperature Controller module provides complete stabilization of the laser.

The laser itself can be embedded into the QubeCL.

Laser housing modules

Butterfly-package module

Many lasers are today available in the so called Butterfly package. This module adds on the top of the QubeCL and allows to control the laser with no cable around.

HHL-package module

HHL package has bee chosen by QCLs manufacturers for the large thermal power management capabilities.