The best on the market.

Born from research

QubeCL has been developed by INO-CNR, LENS and University of Florence for state-of-the-art scientific purposes.

Its patented design provides the lowest current-noise of any commercially available instrument. With QubeCL the current noise does not contribute to the broadening of the laser emission, thus ensuring the narrowest linewidth and the highest frequency stability.

The modular architecture solves to problem of having large ouput currents (up to 2.5 A) with a noise level below 1 nA/sqrt(Hz).

In general the current-noise of commercial driver scales linearly with the maximum output current. This is not the case of QubeCL. In fact its noise scales roughly with the square-root of the maximum current, always ensuring a sub-shot-noise operation.

Current noise can directly affect the laser emission.

With QubeCL you see your laser as it is.

The current driver can determine the quality of your spectroscopy.

This is QubeCL in action.