Ultra-low noise. Ultra-high versatility.

QubeCL is a modular platform that provides all the tools for driving and controlling semiconductor lasers, and in particular quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) at unprecedented levels of precision and simplicity. QCL are among the most resource-demanding devices, in terms of voltage compliance, maximum current ratings, current noise and temperature stability. Up to now control and stabilization, at state-of-the art level, of the operating parameters of QCLs require different instruments by several manufacturers, at the expense of compactness, simplicity and price.

Unique features.

The lowest current noise

Our innovative, patent pending technology is at the basis of the record-level noiseless operation of the QubeCL.

A flat noise level always below 500 pA/sqrt(Hz) puts our instrument a decade below any other current driver for QCLs, in terms of current noise.

The possibility of stacking two or more current modules for larger current output ensures the lowest noise and improves efficiency.

Modular and flexible

The QubeCL system includes, in an ultra-compact 10 cm x 10 cm footprint, the following instruments, each providing top-level performances in its area:

  • An ultra-low-noise current driver providing up to 2 A DC currents with compliance voltages up to 18 V.

  • Two independent fast modulators for driving up to 50 mA from DC to 3 MHz.

  • A temperature controller for Peltier-based stabilization ensuring a temperature stability better than 1 mK

  • A phase-locked loop module that provides a metrological-grade stabilization of the QCL phase/frequency against an external reference.


The number of scientific and industrial applications based on QCLs and, in general, on compact solid-state lasers sources is growing at an incredible pace. The QubeCL laser-control system can well fit a scientific laboratory, thanks to its top-level performances, as well as the payload of a stratospheric balloon, thanks to its compactness, remotability and ruggedized design. With the QubeCL we have transferred to the customers the experience created during 10 years of pioneering work with QCLs, that now can be applied to a variety of semiconductor lasers.

Easy interface

QubeCL connects via USB, of Wi-Fi, and LAN, it can be remotely controlled from any PC by sending easy serial commands.

Moreover, it provides a variety of autonomous control routines that allow for a stand-alone operation in completely safe conditions for the laser.

QubeCL around the world

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