Low-noise electronics

for high-sensitivity spectroscopy

Our Vision

We are convinced that Frontier Technology represents a solution for a number of problems, and Optics has the potential to address most of them in a clean, cheap, efficient, robust and compact way. This is our vision and we want to focus our knowledge towards these goals.

Our solutions

QubeCL is an entire ecosystem of interacting modules, providing all the tools for driving and controlling semiconductor lasers, and in particular Quantum Cascade Lasers. Its patented design provides the lowest current-noise of any commercially available instrument.

C14-SCAR is a high-precision, laser-based, table-top 14CO2 analyzer, based on a novel spectroscopic technique called saturated-absorption cavity ring-down (SCAR). It is a rare opportunity for disruptive technology and competitive positioning in radiocarbon analysis markets.

Affiliations and projects

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