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The modular system for semiconductor lasers

QubeCL is an entire ecosystem of interacting modules, providing all the tools for driving and controlling semiconductor lasers, and in particular Quantum Cascade Lasers.

QCL are among the most resource-demanding devices, in terms of voltage compliance, maximum current ratings, current noise and temperature stability. If QubeCL works with QCLs, it will work for any other semiconductor laser!

In its basic configuration, QubeCL in composed by the controller module, the current module and the laser head module.

Many other modules are available and under development, in order to cover all the possible needs of a lab experiment.

The lowest current noise on the market

QubeCL has been developed by INO-CNR, LENS and University of Florence for state-of-the-art scientific purposes.

Its patented design provides the lowest current-noise of any commercially available instrument. With QubeCL the current noise does not contribute to the broadening of the laser emission, thus ensuring the narrowest linewidth and the highest frequency stability.

Flat current noise level: < 500 pA/√Hz *

Integrated RMS current noise: ~0.5 μA RMS *

* Noise performance is guaranteed for AnodGND coonfiguration only.

Download the QubeCL brochure here.

Available modules

This module contains the brain of the current driver, able to control every other module composing the QubeCL unit. It also provides flexible interfacing capabilities for controlling the driver with a PC, a smartphone or a tablet, or the "remote" module.

500 mA and 1A current modules are available. For higher current needs, current modules are stackable. 

This module provides all the connections to an external laser (in alternative it includes an internal butterfly laser socket), the fast current modulation input and all the protection circuits for a safer and painless laser operation.

This module can drive a peltier cooling stage while sensing an NTC head, in order to stabilize the temperature of your laser within few mK.

This module allows to easily close to the laser a feed-back loop for phase-locking it to any local-oscillator signal.

If you need to send a feedback signal to your laser, the PID module allows a proper handling of the loop gains in order to optimize your locking loop.

This module provides an user-friendly harware interface for controlling your driver without the need of an external device such as a PC or smartphone.

This external module provides an ultra-low noise operation of your current driver by means of high-capacity batteries.

Stay tuned for getting the new upcoming modules that will further expand the capabilities of QubeCL system!

Pre-ordering Survey

If you are interested in purchasing one or more QubeCL systems, please help us in boosting the final developing phase by filling this form!

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